Finally! Morse Code for the Rest of Us!

Enjoy a quantum leap in decoder technology

The DMX-40: Stand-Alone QRP or Morse companion for your station

Morse Code Decoder & Converter Transceiver

The DMX-40 Morse Decoder & Converter Transceiver

After disappointing experiences with other decoders, our customers prize their DMX-40 for its vast improvement in handling band noise. PreppComm has solved that problem at long last!  No more gibberish. The decoder faithfully translates code into text.

Hams can operate in two modes with PreppComm’s innovative device:  Stand-Alone QRP Transceiver Mode (40 meters only) and External Mode. In External Mode the DMX-40 operates with your transceiver on any band. Our unit provides all the Morse decoding and encoding features. On top of that you have built-in automation microprograms and can use Rig Programming Language (RPL) to customize up to twelve functions. Nice, right?

The DMX-40 accelerates your journey of learning CW. While you are on the air, you are also learning it. It’s impressive to see that practice keying code into the DMX decoder trains you to send excellent code!

Thousands of hams and preppers rely on repeater infrastructure for distance operation. That footing is vulnerable to so many sources of disturbance that, in a catastrophe, operators will be cut off without recourse to radio communication. Unless they use the DMX-40. No infrastructure required.


Complete transceiver go bag kit

Professional Station GO Bag

Collect all the components needed for a portable station, then weigh them. If it’s portability and balance you’re wanting, that’s not trivial. You are looking for lightness, easy set-up and take-down, as well as lengthy operations without external power sources.

The PreppComm Pro DMX GO Bag fits these requirements nicely!  This very versatile canvas bag with many compartments equips you with:

• a complete solar-powered battery system

• both an end-fed antenna and a quick set-up kit

• instructions for quick set-up and take-down

• EMP protection

• the DMX-40 and keyboard

All this in one eight-pound bag that transforms from backpack to shoulder bag or messenger bag in seconds!

$50 off from purchasing DMX-40 and GO Bag separately.

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