Made in USAProfessional Station GO Bag.  $389.00

Complete transceiver go bag kit


PreppComm’s Professional Station GO Bag is a complete ham radio station in a ready-to-go, attractive, convertible bag. (Transceiver not included!) When you add the transceiver and keyboard, this rugged satchel has everything you need to set up a portable 40M QRP station.

It quickly transforms into a comfortable backpack, messenger bag or shoulder bag, simply by tucking away or releasing straps and handles. Its padded compartment protects your laptop or other device.

Made of water-resistant canvas, it features zippered pockets galore to carry your personal items, plus an extra snap compartment. In heavy downpours, the camouflage waterproof cover protects both the entire bag and its components from water damage.

International Orders:  Batteries Not Included,  Battery Bank Case requires eight 18650 batteries to be installed by user, as we cannot ship Li-Ion batteries internationally.

SAVE $50 with the COMBO!  DMX Plus GO Bag

Package Details

It’s what’s inside that really sets this bag apart! The EMP bag and closer system completely protect all the electronics—the DMX-40 and keyboard (purchased separately), the battery bank, solar panel and voltage conversion cable.

In direct sun the solar panel outputs a full 14 watts. With just a few hours of sunlight it tops off the battery bank for continuous 24/7 DMX-40 operation.

All the other battery banks on the market claim a 28-amp-hour rating at 3.7 volts. On testing they just don’t perform that well. Ours does. PreppComm’s 1.4 lb. Super Power Battery Bank actually delivers 28 amp-hours. At 5V consumption, you get about 20 amp-hours, and at 12V, using the voltage boost cable, you can expect about 8 amp-hours.

That is more power than a 4.5 lb., 7.2 amp-hour gel cell weighing 3.2 times more! And since both 5V and 12V are available, you can also charge your cell phone and other devices with the same battery bank!

That’s not all. Your Pro GO Bag arrives with a No-Tune 40-Meter End-Fed antenna, outstanding for very low power loss because of its unique PreppComm design. The equally unique Antenna Set-up Kit makes set-up and take-down quick and easy. Naturally, you get instructions, but you will quickly learn the ways steps for the process. 

And finally, you’ll find a high-quality set of earphones for the receiver.

Large Transformable Water-Resistant Canvas Bag:  8 separate zipper compartments, transformable to backpack, shoulder bag, or messenger bag, with waterproof cover.  Waterproof camouflage cover included.

Weighs Under 8 Pounds Fully Loaded:  Your complete station, including transceiver and keyboard is easy to cary.

EMP Protection:  Includes -45 dB mylar-on-metal bag with unique closer

Solar/Li-Ion Power System:  Contains 14 Watt solar panel and 28,000 mah battery bank that can power the DMX-40 for long periods with minimal sunlight.

40 Meter Antenna:  PreppComm designed No-Tune low SWR antenna for great performance is easy to set up with the included Antenna Setup Kit and detailed Antenna Setup Instructions

Everything you need for a complete portable radio station!

  • Canvas bag: 18″ x 13″ x 6″ loaded, transforms to backpack, messenger bag, or shoulder bag.
  • Battery Bank: 28,000 milliamp-hour rated, dual USB outputs (2.1 amp and 1 amp), and dual micro USB inputs for dual charging, with dual charging cable, plus a dual LED flashlight with High, Low, and Blink modes. LCD display shows percentage of charge, status of outputs and inputs.
  • Antenna lead-in coax: 3 meters LMR-100
  • PreppComm designed 40 Meter No-Tune End-Fed Antenna:  Antenna VSWR as low as 1.1:1 in the CW portion of the 40 meter band, and below 1.5:1 (typical) for the entire 40 meter band, when set up as directed in the included instructions.  Antenna length is approx. 68 feet.  Includes antenna wire winder.
  • Antenna Setup Kit:  Contains everything you need for quick setup:  ground stakes and flags, 30′ and 15′ paracord on spools with cord locks, throw weight, wire tags and clips, and Antenna Setup Guide.
  • 14W Solar Panel:  dual USB outputs, and a USB to dual micro-USB double-speed charging cable.
  • Mylar-on-Metal EMP Bag: protects at -45 dB against EMP pulse, with 10″ bag sealing system.
  • Earphones:  by Panosonic
  • Waterproof Camouflage Cover.
  • Antenna and Guy Cable Tags with clips to make it easy to see the antenna and guy cables.  Avoids accidents and injuries.